I wanted to take a small break from the ‘best of’ series for a little bit of a motivational speech lol. Its just that recently I’ve been through a situation where many people were doubting me and making me feel like I was making a wrong decision. As I have stated before, I take criticism very well, I use to it my benefit but when its family, it makes it difficult to second-guess. When you want something done, the first thing that gets in the way is doubt. After a little bit of doubt settles in, it invites a little more inability which brings his friend un-focus which invites his whole crew on failure round and before you know it you have a sad little party going on in your head. The best way to stop this is to eliminate that first point of contact, don’t let doubt creep in. How can I do this? Well you’ve probably heard it before but disregard anything negative that anyone has to say about your goals. I mean literally everything. The second a tiny bit of doubt comes into your mind, you’re screwed. If I listened to everyone who told me something I wanted to do was a bad idea, id probably be working at McDonalds, hating every second of what I do, wishing I hadn’t listened to them and taken my shot. Apps where a small thing when I started, so small and insignificant everyone would always doubt I could get a job in that area. I never listened to any of their negative comments and look where I am today, loving every second of what I’m doing. You’ve got to remember that people have norms, what they’ve heard and seen becomes ingrained in them and anything considered even slightly deviant will be disregarded as undoable. For most people you go through school, get a job, earn some money, have some kids, retire, die. Not for me, I don’t want the norm. That may cause people to look at me as if I’m strange and out of ordinary but damn it that’s what I want. Bottom line is, limitations only exist if you let them. Everything you think is holding you back is simply something inside of your head and since you created it you can get rid of it just as easily, all it takes is to not care about failure or the what ifs, instead, focus hard on the idea and don’t give up no matter what. I have the ambition, the need, the goal to become a successful business owner predominantly dealing with apps, its not just something I want. At this point its something I need. I thirst for it and I will stop at nothing until I achieve it…. Dreams don’t always have to be dreams people, having dreams can be an extremely beneficial part to achieving a fuller and more worthwhile life, but only if those dreams are acted on. That kid that wanted to be a race care driver, but never tried, he doesn’t know his ability he doesn’t know what its really like, all he knows is he didn’t which really makes me sad. Follow through, you’re given a beautiful mind that can come up with innovative and incredibly complex plans for the future, so use them! I also would like to give thanks to a special someone at for all the motivation, confidence and belief I could ever imagine. You have been a true role model and inspire to push forward everyday. Thank you!


That’s my motivation for the day, week, month, year? LOL, talk soon dudes.

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