Creation of Apps

There are many advantages to living in this century rather than any other time in history, and one of them is the open opportunity for just about anyone to create an app.  All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the will to simply get up and do it.

As an app developer and a business man you realize fairly quickly that smart phones today are supported by the programming community who put their hard work into creating their apps, and to believe it you can simply check the app store to see the abundance of apps out there that aren’t made by “Google Inc” or “Apple.”  You also realize fairly quickly that once you have begun the creation of your first app you are already a part of that very same programming community.  If you want to do it for cheap there are free software applications used to create every app you wish to create at no restriction, and more sources of free information out there than any one human being could read in a life time if you ever have trouble.

If you don’t mind spending money I have personally taken trips to the book store to buy many books for programming languages such as Java, SQL, and XML merely for the sake of reference.  I have made many apps in my time so far as a developer, even published a handful, and in the actual creation of any of my apps I have yet to ever spend a dime.

The steps are fairly simple you wake up in the morning, walk to your computer, open up your free development program, envision your marvelous idea, start building it layer by layer until you’re happy, and if you have any questions along the way chances are a couple dozen people have already answered it.  If you think it can’t be done, you’ll usually discover most of the time after a bit of research that you are most certainly wrong.  There could even be a similar app out there, but if you typed it out with your own ten fingers I guarantee the code itself will be unique forever almost like you are leaving a fingerprint with the hard focus and dedication you put to it.

I created my second application in one week, but another one I spent months on.  The beauty is you work on it when you want too, you decide if it is a success or a failure, and you’re the only one that determines when it’s time to say “finished.”  Even after you previously decided you were done you can make some upgrades to it, or fix a mistake whenever you want even if it’s already out there for the entire world.  You may have to follow some loose quality guidelines if you want to post it on Google or Apple’s online store, but otherwise it’s your own to do whatever you want with.  Once you’re done it not only looks great for you, but it feels absolutely fantastic every single time.


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