Best of Apps #2 GAMING

So I figured since you guys seemed to like the series I’d split it into some sub-genres and go more specifically into them, is that cool with you? Sweet, so lets begin.

Clash of clans – I’ve been playing this game pretty much since its launch. It’s a time-based, upgrade and attack strategy type game. It takes skill and often creativity to become very successful and again, its free with in game purchases (these ones will kill your bank account). You begin with a small number of buildings you create to collect gold and elixir, the games fake currency. You then spend this income on upgrading and gaining more defenses and attacking buildings. The way they make you stay is that depending on how well you save you have a certain number of builders. These builders will take a certain amount of time depending on what level a building you are trying to get, to build said building. This will leave you with the inability to build anything other than the amount of builders you have. When the allotted time for an upgrade or initial build finished you can then use the builders again. Sounds simple enough, that is until you realise during the later levels of the game upgrades can take up to 14 days. YES THAT’S TWO WEEKS!… Now, more about the progression of the game. At the early levels of this colorful app you don’t really have to think, its kid friendly you could say. You make some guys that attack some buildings, you gain some points yaddy-yadda but when you upgrade a significant amount of your buildings and troops, things start to get interesting. Actual tactics are used to take down bases, the bases seem to become more sophisticated, and it really makes you think at some points. You can almost feel when the young children leave and the big kids come out to play. With this being said the game is perfect at appealing to all types of people and they constantly add more troops, buildings, upgrades, defenses and game modes to keep everyone coming back for more. The only bad thing I can say about this game is the wait times. I cant even really complain because its not like there’s any alternative. It would suck if at Town Hall 10 it took 30 mins to upgrade something; it wouldn’t feel as rewarding as it does. With that being said, waiting around 20 days can make me forget, disinterested at some points even. Complaints aren’t viable without a resolution and I don’t have one so I will leave that at that. Lastly, the in-game purchases are killer. They are evidently making a huge amount of money from this app, I mean come on they have television ads, starring Liam freaking Neeson! You basically pay to cut your waiting time down, you can purchase more gold and elixir to afford bigger things or you can speed up a builders building time, whichever you see necessary to get you stronger. Overall this is a must-have game that I would recommend to kids and adults everywhere. Ever need tips on Clash of Clans, well your in luck because you can check Master Ov’s you tube videos.

clash of clansFlappy Bird – Okay so sometimes you just don’t want to think very hard about playing a game. Sometimes you just want to open up an app and have fun without getting mad or angry and. Just. Have. Fun…. This is not that game. The 22 year old Dong Nguyen had no idea what he would get himself into when he released Flappy Bird to the public in 2013. He had no idea that his simple yet addictive tap game would have people tearing their hair out over its difficulty and downright unfair gameplay! For those of you who may have been living under a rock and don’t know what flappy bird is, it’s a game that features a pixelated bird which you tap the screen to periodically move up then float down. Every time you tap the screen the bird goes up more but always ends up coming back down. You must guide the bird through Mario-like pipes; there is no end game only high scores. You get 1 point for each pipe you go through. I myself managed to get a high score of 80 but man was it difficult, most people I know cant get past 5. Again, this game offers simplicity and gameplay suitable for the whole family. There are no in-game purchases the game solely makes money from advertisement revenue which reportedly went as high as $50,000 PER DAY for a while. There was a large amount of hate surrounding this game, so much so that the games creator pulled the game from the app-store, giving up the huge income boost for the sake of other peoples stress. I think he may have overreacted I mean, don’t get me wrong it is incredibly frustrating but not enough to ruin my life and fill it with stress, no way. This removal in the middle of the games popularity sparked an outroar, people were literally selling their iPhones for 200 bucksmore because it had flappy bird on it. It actually caused EBay to monitor the iPhone section and ban any phones that were selling their phones for more simply because of the app, crazy! Anyway, Flappy Bird will go down in history as one of the most simplistic, cheap and horrifyingly frustrating games of all time.


Piano Tiles – This is such a unique game I give praise to whoever cam up with it. This game has given me such a great time since I have had it,  I don’t know of anyone that actual dislikes it. Another simplistic game (I cant help it if they all rock!) that makes you press the correct Piano tile to progress. The speed increases as you move further and further into the game but if you do them in quick succession a song will smoothly play, calming you and helping you focus further into the game. It offers a variety of game modes with unique features like “Lightning” which has you play as normal but once in a while a big flash will cloud your vision for half a second, disorientating you and making hitting the next key correctly quite difficult. There is a certain level of customization too, you can change the color of the tiles to better suit your style, a cool little feature that adds to this overall well designed game. This game doesn’t include any in-game purchases just like the last, it does however made some revenue from advertisement which can sometimes impede the way of a smooth gaming experience. Other than the occasional annoying ad, this game is top notch and I would recommend it again, to everyone I know.

piano tiles

Okay cool guys that’s all from me today, got any Q’s? ill give the A’s if you do. Ask them here

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