Best of Apps #1

Uber – Uber is the genius app that allows you to essentially book a taxi no matter where you are (providing there is an uber driver there of course). This is kind of one of those ideas you kick yourself for not thinking of, its genius! Since its huge success there have been a huge number of ‘spin-off ubers’ or as I like to call them, goobers. There have been uber nannies and uber mechanics, uber pizza services and possibly most hilarious of all, an “adult” themed uber/tinder hybrid. The app was developed by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, a couple of ambitious dudes with some technical knowledge. The app launched in 2009 but its prevalent use in mainstream society only began around 2013/2014 depending on which country you are in. Like many apps it follows the trend of convenience. I cant tell you how many times I’ve been stranded, only to whip out my iPhone and have someone 2 minuets away it almost always feels like fate. Really though, how simple is the idea. You can just imagine Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp sitting on the curb after a big night out, wondering how they’re going to get the cash to pay for a taxi (because everyone knows they hate it when you pay with a debit card) when one of them says… “Hey, I wish there was a way we could just like, get our phones out and remotely call for a taxi, but not like a taxi, like a cool taxi.” and the other responds “Yeah without those tacky “TAXI” signs, and it came UBER quick” *Eyes widen as they yell* “ARE YOU THINKING WHAT IM THINKING”…. Seriously though props to these guys, they got in there with an idea that was relatable and useful, did the research and followed through. If we all followed through with the ideas we thought were useful or beneficial to society as a whole, we’d be a heck of a lot more successful…. On that note, maybe there’s a market space for Uber Limo Rental?uber

Nike + Running – Most people who know me, know I’m not much of a runner. Well
, that is, I used to not be. This app, this freaking app has made me a runner. I’m a fan of numbers, which is probably why this app has reckoned with me so well. Firstly an explanation; Its a fitness app, specifically for running. It measures incline, length, has mapping capabilities as well as follow up features for extra motivation. They have this unique system that feels like ‘levelling up’. When you reach a certain amount of miles or kilometres you are rewarded with a flash new colour to show off. Show off to who you say? To all the friends you can add, another awesome feature of this app. There are leader boards where you and your friends can compare, fastest miles, longest workouts, highest hills climbed, pretty much everything. It has so many aspects similar to your favourite MMO’s and wow; I swear sometimes its like grinding to get up to that next level. They make running feel like a game, how crazy is that. Anyway to round it up and put it simply, Nike + Running is an essential app if you’re looking to get fit fast, it wont necessarily share nay secrets about fitness with you but it provides a huge amount of motivation and incentive to run faster, further and running app

Pirate Kings – This simple, addictive and downright unique app has topped the charts and continues to stay high in the rankings even today. When explaining the concept of this game, it’s easy to become disinterested. Essentially, you spin a wheel to get coins and spend those coins on upgrading your island…. Simple right? Some say too simple. The app has received some criticism for its lack of actual gameplay. Quite literally you press a button that spins a wheel then press another button to upgrade once you have enough coins. What do I think?… I think the consistency is good! I’m still not tired of spinning the expertly designed, themed wheel and holding my breath, hoping to land in the 100k! Don’t even get me started on how good it feels to progress to the next island, what a rush! The only negative may be that when you’re playing pirate kings public, you may not want any other adults to see your screen in fear of a funny look and them thinking you haven’t grown up yet LOL! This site will most probably feature a lot of gaming app reviews because, you guessed it, I’m a gamer. Regardless, I’m willing to recommend pirate kings to those of you who may find an extra 5 minuets here and there to add a teeny tiny bit of excitement into your life. Oh and one more thing, I wouldn’t recommend spending money in this game for the simple reason of if you do it once, you probably wont be able to stop until your bank account hits 0, its excruciating to have gotten so close to the next island only for one of your friends to come along and destroy it. To combat this, real life money can be used to buy spins which evidently increases coins and allows you to progress. They have built the game very smartly as even I can admit, I’ve wanted to buy some spins at more than one point. pirate kings


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