Are you APP to Communicate???

It has been a while since I posted.  I have been very busy with school and finals.  I got that done and now I have some down time for a few weeks.  Things have been going up and up over the last few months from my last post so that is good.  I plan on doing some traveling over the next few weeks so I am very excited about that.  I will keep everyone posted on the neat things I run across during my travels.  I have however had the chance to review some tip top apps that are the entire buzz.  With Christmas fast approaching it seems relevant to focus on communication apps.  Not everyone is so lucky to be able to travel for Christmas as I am.  It is pretty awesome how technology in today’s day in age keeps us connected.  So after reading the rest of my post make sure to get grandma and grandpa to download these apps onto their smart phone.  Come on it will be fun!  Alright, let’s dive on it it……

Let me start with the Androids apps.  The top on my list is an app called WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp replaces your text messaging with text messaging technology that available for both iPhone and Androids alike.  What is super cool and probably my favorite is that the first year is free and then it is only .99 every year after.  Wait that wasn’t my favorite part, my absolute favorite part is this app is ad free.  Yes, I said it…..wait for it….AD FREE.  That is pretty cool in my opinion.  Oh yea and plus the app works over all phone devises that has the app installed.  What this means is you can text your buddy with an iPhone from your Android phone without paying any texting frees with your cell phone carrier.

Moving on to Andriod’s arch nemesis Apple’s iPhone, the best communication app that I have found brings all of your social media accounts into one streaming feed.  This is pretty cool if you are a social buzz and have ADD like I do.  You can program this app to designate importance from your network of faces and tweets.  That means that whoever is the most important to you, your mom or your best friend, Cloze app is pretty smart and brings their tweet or Facebook post right up to the top.  On top of the iPhone app, there is also a web app that is supposed to be really cool.  Oh did I mention that it was FREEEE.  Ain’t nothing better than free!

Well those are what I have for you today, my highlights of the best communication apps for Andriods and iPhones.  Now there is no excuse whatsoever to not at least send a text message to your lonely parents this Christmas season and say hi!  Who knows, maybe they will even send you a Christmas card with some cash that would be sweet.

I am lucky to be able to travel to H-town to visit some relatives. My cousin Frank owns a roofing biz that has been picking up some pretty good business. If you are in the area and need a Woodlands roof repair genius, give him a shout and tell him his favorite cousin sent you! Because his business has been doing so well, he promised to take me out and partayyy! Whoohoo!

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