App Development

Maybe you have always been a problem solver. One who likes riddles. Maybe you have a bit of an inventor in you. Well, if either of these are the case, perhaps you should consider learning how to develop your own apps. This might seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you have never coded before. Or do you just have that one million dollar idea and you want to see it actualized. There are lots of avenues you can pursue if you want to make your own app. The best place to start is learning to code though. Think about when you have a car problem. It is much better to go a mechanic having at least a rudimentary knowledge of how your car and engine work than going with no knowledge what so ever, since you do not want to get hustled. So, let us say you have taken the old fashioned route, and are going to teach yourself how to code. That is great! You need to pick a language you want to learn to code. If you are going to target your app towards iPhone users, then you should probably look into learning Objective-C programming. Objective-C programming is high performance which will let you use all of the iPhones functions, such as the camera, as well as there being a large existing community of programmers that can offer you help. On the down side, it is a more sophisticated and therefore harder language to learn to code, so many beginners may get frustrated and shy away from it. If that is the case then perhaps consider if your app could be turned into a web app. Web apps could be written in HTML, CSS or JavaScript and these languages tend to be easier to learn, but the apps lack the same kind of power as Objective-C. Out of those three let us pick one that you would choose to learn. JavaScript. JavaScript is the answer to a ton of your app problems. It is the language that most browsers use for their apps and as it is vastly popular, it is still being worked on consistently. Because of the vast variety of techn companies out there that are in competition with each other, they have all kind of called a collective truce on JavaScript with a live and let live attitude adopted towards the universal language problem. On top of all that, it is a relatively simple language to learn to code, so it is the obvious choice if you are a beginner. So there you have it. If you have that one million dollar app idea that you want to manifest into something real, go ahead and pick a language and start learning it, but even if you do not want to do this there is always the alternative option. You can save up a bunch of money yourself, or try to crowd fund your idea and then just hire a team of professionals.

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