App Design

Being an app designer is pretty fun. I remember I always had an interest in programming, my whole life, and when the iPhone first came out, it changed the game. I always remember thinking my kid brother, who is significantly younger than me would have a greater aptitude towards technology. This is however not the case. Personally, I believe this be a byproduct of the software application. When I first started playing around with computers and tech, there was a huge list of criteria that had to be met. Take the common email. Now, all you have to do to check your emails is pull out your smart phone and push the email button. Back in the day, you had to fire up a browser, go up to the navigation bar, type out the full address and then go through the log in process every time. Although this is still a relatively simple task, it is the idea behind it that has changed. The app is far more of an instant gratification style program. It is this disparity that has made me realize that the younger generation is in fact not going to be necessarily more tech savvy, they just live with it, they have not had to learn it. Because of this, there is also a divide between people who have an interest in creating apps. Now I said making apps is fun to me, because it is. I like the idea of a challenge. I like finding a problem in society and trying to make a program that will make life a bit simpler, much like the email apps I was talking about earlier. It is a really cool thing to try to find a software solution for a real world problem. Having trouble working out? Someone made an app for that. Need to take some post it notes? There is a fantastic app that not only solves your problem of taking down notes, but also allows for them to be shared with whoever you want them to be shared. And not only that, but you can also make leisure things, like games. The app industry has quickly become a multi-million dollar industry, making it a competitive market, which is always a good thing for the consumer. However, it is not all roses and gravy being an app coder. Have you ever thought of something that could be an app? A solution to your own real world or tech world problem? Of course you have, and you have probably talked about it to your friends, and if you have any app developers, you have probably told them. Now, not to discourage you to do this, but as an app developer, I am going to tell you we hear about a thousand of these a day. I have no problems entertaining these ideas ever, but you have to understand we are usually quite busy and have a dozen of them in our own minds we are trying to formulate. Above that, you may have some less moral people. In the industry, I have heard of several shiftier coders being told ideas and then basically just stealing them. An idea is just that, an idea. So maybe if you have a really good one, do not go throwing it around for free. It is relatively simple today to find a coder that could work within your budget.

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