Creation of Apps

There are many advantages to living in this century rather than any other time in history, and one of them is the open opportunity for just about anyone to create an app.  All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the will to simply get up and do it.

As an app developer and a business man you realize fairly quickly that smart phones today are supported by the programming community who put their hard work into creating their apps, and to believe it you can simply check the app store to see the abundance of apps out there that aren’t made by “Google Inc” or “Apple.”  You also realize fairly quickly that once you have begun the creation of your first app you are already a part of that very same programming community.  If you want to do it for cheap there are free software applications used to create every app you wish to create at no restriction, and more sources of free information out there than any one human being could read in a life time if you ever have trouble.

If you don’t mind spending money I have personally taken trips to the book store to buy many books for programming languages such as Java, SQL, and XML merely for the sake of reference.  I have made many apps in my time so far as a developer, even published a handful, and in the actual creation of any of my apps I have yet to ever spend a dime.

The steps are fairly simple you wake up in the morning, walk to your computer, open up your free development program, envision your marvelous idea, start building it layer by layer until you’re happy, and if you have any questions along the way chances are a couple dozen people have already answered it.  If you think it can’t be done, you’ll usually discover most of the time after a bit of research that you are most certainly wrong.  There could even be a similar app out there, but if you typed it out with your own ten fingers I guarantee the code itself will be unique forever almost like you are leaving a fingerprint with the hard focus and dedication you put to it.

I created my second application in one week, but another one I spent months on.  The beauty is you work on it when you want too, you decide if it is a success or a failure, and you’re the only one that determines when it’s time to say “finished.”  Even after you previously decided you were done you can make some upgrades to it, or fix a mistake whenever you want even if it’s already out there for the entire world.  You may have to follow some loose quality guidelines if you want to post it on Google or Apple’s online store, but otherwise it’s your own to do whatever you want with.  Once you’re done it not only looks great for you, but it feels absolutely fantastic every single time.


App Development

Maybe you have always been a problem solver. One who likes riddles. Maybe you have a bit of an inventor in you. Well, if either of these are the case, perhaps you should consider learning how to develop your own apps. This might seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you have never coded before. Or do you just have that one million dollar idea and you want to see it actualized. There are lots of avenues you can pursue if you want to make your own app. The best place to start is learning to code though. Think about when you have a car problem. It is much better to go a mechanic having at least a rudimentary knowledge of how your car and engine work than going with no knowledge what so ever, since you do not want to get hustled. So, let us say you have taken the old fashioned route, and are going to teach yourself how to code. That is great! You need to pick a language you want to learn to code. If you are going to target your app towards iPhone users, then you should probably look into learning Objective-C programming. Objective-C programming is high performance which will let you use all of the iPhones functions, such as the camera, as well as there being a large existing community of programmers that can offer you help. On the down side, it is a more sophisticated and therefore harder language to learn to code, so many beginners may get frustrated and shy away from it. If that is the case then perhaps consider if your app could be turned into a web app. Web apps could be written in HTML, CSS or JavaScript and these languages tend to be easier to learn, but the apps lack the same kind of power as Objective-C. Out of those three let us pick one that you would choose to learn. JavaScript. JavaScript is the answer to a ton of your app problems. It is the language that most browsers use for their apps and as it is vastly popular, it is still being worked on consistently. Because of the vast variety of techn companies out there that are in competition with each other, they have all kind of called a collective truce on JavaScript with a live and let live attitude adopted towards the universal language problem. On top of all that, it is a relatively simple language to learn to code, so it is the obvious choice if you are a beginner. So there you have it. If you have that one million dollar app idea that you want to manifest into something real, go ahead and pick a language and start learning it, but even if you do not want to do this there is always the alternative option. You can save up a bunch of money yourself, or try to crowd fund your idea and then just hire a team of professionals.

App Design

Being an app designer is pretty fun. I remember I always had an interest in programming, my whole life, and when the iPhone first came out, it changed the game. I always remember thinking my kid brother, who is significantly younger than me would have a greater aptitude towards technology. This is however not the case. Personally, I believe this be a byproduct of the software application. When I first started playing around with computers and tech, there was a huge list of criteria that had to be met. Take the common email. Now, all you have to do to check your emails is pull out your smart phone and push the email button. Back in the day, you had to fire up a browser, go up to the navigation bar, type out the full address and then go through the log in process every time. Although this is still a relatively simple task, it is the idea behind it that has changed. The app is far more of an instant gratification style program. It is this disparity that has made me realize that the younger generation is in fact not going to be necessarily more tech savvy, they just live with it, they have not had to learn it. Because of this, there is also a divide between people who have an interest in creating apps. Now I said making apps is fun to me, because it is. I like the idea of a challenge. I like finding a problem in society and trying to make a program that will make life a bit simpler, much like the email apps I was talking about earlier. It is a really cool thing to try to find a software solution for a real world problem. Having trouble working out? Someone made an app for that. Need to take some post it notes? There is a fantastic app that not only solves your problem of taking down notes, but also allows for them to be shared with whoever you want them to be shared. And not only that, but you can also make leisure things, like games. The app industry has quickly become a multi-million dollar industry, making it a competitive market, which is always a good thing for the consumer. However, it is not all roses and gravy being an app coder. Have you ever thought of something that could be an app? A solution to your own real world or tech world problem? Of course you have, and you have probably talked about it to your friends, and if you have any app developers, you have probably told them. Now, not to discourage you to do this, but as an app developer, I am going to tell you we hear about a thousand of these a day. I have no problems entertaining these ideas ever, but you have to understand we are usually quite busy and have a dozen of them in our own minds we are trying to formulate. Above that, you may have some less moral people. In the industry, I have heard of several shiftier coders being told ideas and then basically just stealing them. An idea is just that, an idea. So maybe if you have a really good one, do not go throwing it around for free. It is relatively simple today to find a coder that could work within your budget.

Are you APP to Communicate???

It has been a while since I posted.  I have been very busy with school and finals.  I got that done and now I have some down time for a few weeks.  Things have been going up and up over the last few months from my last post so that is good.  I plan on doing some traveling over the next few weeks so I am very excited about that.  I will keep everyone posted on the neat things I run across during my travels.  I have however had the chance to review some tip top apps that are the entire buzz.  With Christmas fast approaching it seems relevant to focus on communication apps.  Not everyone is so lucky to be able to travel for Christmas as I am.  It is pretty awesome how technology in today’s day in age keeps us connected.  So after reading the rest of my post make sure to get grandma and grandpa to download these apps onto their smart phone.  Come on it will be fun!  Alright, let’s dive on it it……

Let me start with the Androids apps.  The top on my list is an app called WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp replaces your text messaging with text messaging technology that available for both iPhone and Androids alike.  What is super cool and probably my favorite is that the first year is free and then it is only .99 every year after.  Wait that wasn’t my favorite part, my absolute favorite part is this app is ad free.  Yes, I said it…..wait for it….AD FREE.  That is pretty cool in my opinion.  Oh yea and plus the app works over all phone devises that has the app installed.  What this means is you can text your buddy with an iPhone from your Android phone without paying any texting frees with your cell phone carrier.

Moving on to Andriod’s arch nemesis Apple’s iPhone, the best communication app that I have found brings all of your social media accounts into one streaming feed.  This is pretty cool if you are a social buzz and have ADD like I do.  You can program this app to designate importance from your network of faces and tweets.  That means that whoever is the most important to you, your mom or your best friend, Cloze app is pretty smart and brings their tweet or Facebook post right up to the top.  On top of the iPhone app, there is also a web app that is supposed to be really cool.  Oh did I mention that it was FREEEE.  Ain’t nothing better than free!

Well those are what I have for you today, my highlights of the best communication apps for Andriods and iPhones.  Now there is no excuse whatsoever to not at least send a text message to your lonely parents this Christmas season and say hi!  Who knows, maybe they will even send you a Christmas card with some cash that would be sweet.

I am lucky to be able to travel to H-town to visit some relatives. My cousin Frank owns a roofing biz that has been picking up some pretty good business. If you are in the area and need a Woodlands roof repair genius, give him a shout and tell him his favorite cousin sent you! Because his business has been doing so well, he promised to take me out and partayyy! Whoohoo!


I wanted to take a small break from the ‘best of’ series for a little bit of a motivational speech lol. Its just that recently I’ve been through a situation where many people were doubting me and making me feel like I was making a wrong decision. As I have stated before, I take criticism very well, I use to it my benefit but when its family, it makes it difficult to second-guess. When you want something done, the first thing that gets in the way is doubt. After a little bit of doubt settles in, it invites a little more inability which brings his friend un-focus which invites his whole crew on failure round and before you know it you have a sad little party going on in your head. The best way to stop this is to eliminate that first point of contact, don’t let doubt creep in. How can I do this? Well you’ve probably heard it before but disregard anything negative that anyone has to say about your goals. I mean literally everything. The second a tiny bit of doubt comes into your mind, you’re screwed. If I listened to everyone who told me something I wanted to do was a bad idea, id probably be working at McDonalds, hating every second of what I do, wishing I hadn’t listened to them and taken my shot. Apps where a small thing when I started, so small and insignificant everyone would always doubt I could get a job in that area. I never listened to any of their negative comments and look where I am today, loving every second of what I’m doing. You’ve got to remember that people have norms, what they’ve heard and seen becomes ingrained in them and anything considered even slightly deviant will be disregarded as undoable. For most people you go through school, get a job, earn some money, have some kids, retire, die. Not for me, I don’t want the norm. That may cause people to look at me as if I’m strange and out of ordinary but damn it that’s what I want. Bottom line is, limitations only exist if you let them. Everything you think is holding you back is simply something inside of your head and since you created it you can get rid of it just as easily, all it takes is to not care about failure or the what ifs, instead, focus hard on the idea and don’t give up no matter what. I have the ambition, the need, the goal to become a successful business owner predominantly dealing with apps, its not just something I want. At this point its something I need. I thirst for it and I will stop at nothing until I achieve it…. Dreams don’t always have to be dreams people, having dreams can be an extremely beneficial part to achieving a fuller and more worthwhile life, but only if those dreams are acted on. That kid that wanted to be a race care driver, but never tried, he doesn’t know his ability he doesn’t know what its really like, all he knows is he didn’t which really makes me sad. Follow through, you’re given a beautiful mind that can come up with innovative and incredibly complex plans for the future, so use them! I also would like to give thanks to a special someone at for all the motivation, confidence and belief I could ever imagine. You have been a true role model and inspire to push forward everyday. Thank you!


That’s my motivation for the day, week, month, year? LOL, talk soon dudes.

Best of Apps #2 GAMING

So I figured since you guys seemed to like the series I’d split it into some sub-genres and go more specifically into them, is that cool with you? Sweet, so lets begin.

Clash of clans – I’ve been playing this game pretty much since its launch. It’s a time-based, upgrade and attack strategy type game. It takes skill and often creativity to become very successful and again, its free with in game purchases (these ones will kill your bank account). You begin with a small number of buildings you create to collect gold and elixir, the games fake currency. You then spend this income on upgrading and gaining more defenses and attacking buildings. The way they make you stay is that depending on how well you save you have a certain number of builders. These builders will take a certain amount of time depending on what level a building you are trying to get, to build said building. This will leave you with the inability to build anything other than the amount of builders you have. When the allotted time for an upgrade or initial build finished you can then use the builders again. Sounds simple enough, that is until you realise during the later levels of the game upgrades can take up to 14 days. YES THAT’S TWO WEEKS!… Now, more about the progression of the game. At the early levels of this colorful app you don’t really have to think, its kid friendly you could say. You make some guys that attack some buildings, you gain some points yaddy-yadda but when you upgrade a significant amount of your buildings and troops, things start to get interesting. Actual tactics are used to take down bases, the bases seem to become more sophisticated, and it really makes you think at some points. You can almost feel when the young children leave and the big kids come out to play. With this being said the game is perfect at appealing to all types of people and they constantly add more troops, buildings, upgrades, defenses and game modes to keep everyone coming back for more. The only bad thing I can say about this game is the wait times. I cant even really complain because its not like there’s any alternative. It would suck if at Town Hall 10 it took 30 mins to upgrade something; it wouldn’t feel as rewarding as it does. With that being said, waiting around 20 days can make me forget, disinterested at some points even. Complaints aren’t viable without a resolution and I don’t have one so I will leave that at that. Lastly, the in-game purchases are killer. They are evidently making a huge amount of money from this app, I mean come on they have television ads, starring Liam freaking Neeson! You basically pay to cut your waiting time down, you can purchase more gold and elixir to afford bigger things or you can speed up a builders building time, whichever you see necessary to get you stronger. Overall this is a must-have game that I would recommend to kids and adults everywhere. Ever need tips on Clash of Clans, well your in luck because you can check Master Ov’s you tube videos.

clash of clans Continue reading “Best of Apps #2 GAMING”

Best of Apps #1

Uber – Uber is the genius app that allows you to essentially book a taxi no matter where you are (providing there is an uber driver there of course). This is kind of one of those ideas you kick yourself for not thinking of, its genius! Since its huge success there have been a huge number of ‘spin-off ubers’ or as I like to call them, goobers. There have been uber nannies and uber mechanics, uber pizza services and possibly most hilarious of all, an “adult” themed uber/tinder hybrid. The app was developed by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, a couple of ambitious dudes with some technical knowledge. The app launched in 2009 but its prevalent use in mainstream society only began around 2013/2014 depending on which country you are in. Like many apps it follows the trend of convenience. I cant tell you how many times I’ve been stranded, only to whip out my iPhone and have someone 2 minuets away it almost always feels like fate. Really though, how simple is the idea. You can just imagine Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp sitting on the curb after a big night out, wondering how they’re going to get the cash to pay for a taxi (because everyone knows they hate it when you pay with a debit card) when one of them says… “Hey, I wish there was a way we could just like, get our phones out and remotely call for a taxi, but not like a taxi, like a cool taxi.” and the other responds “Yeah without those tacky “TAXI” signs, and it came UBER quick” *Eyes widen as they yell* “ARE YOU THINKING WHAT IM THINKING”…. Seriously though props to these guys, they got in there with an idea that was relatable and useful, did the research and followed through. If we all followed through with the ideas we thought were useful or beneficial to society as a whole, we’d be a heck of a lot more successful…. On that note, maybe there’s a market space for Uber Limo Rental?uber Continue reading “Best of Apps #1”